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time order chaos 1984

TIME... ORDER... CHAOS. 1984

cloud nine no 6 2012

CLOUD-NINE No.6. 2012


infused segments 2013


symmetrical overlay 2014


3 0f the pieces are printed canvasses and are unique signed images (i.e. one offs) and one is a collage that I made in my first year in Cornwall, UK (near Penzance) where I lived for 29 years after leaving London. It is based on primary colours and I did a lot of walking in those days and I would collect detritus/litter to make collages and constructions... I would sort the material into different colours and textures for later use much in the spirit of Kurt Schwitters... and in this case I meticulously cut the material into squares and painted some squares and mounted it all onto a plywood backing ending up with what was really a hybrid... neither this or that! I only retrieved this picture recently as it was "on consignment" for nearly 30 years in a secret location somewhere in Cornwall.

When I first arrive in Cornwall many years ago I went to a Buddhist Meeting which was a bit formal they asked me my name and my work and I replied: my name is Peter and I am an Itinerant... And I must say I have moved around quite a lot since then and though I have been quite prolific with the "Paintings" over the years: I have sold a few, lost many, given many away and more recently I had what I called: MCCLURE'S RAKU which was the burning of all my ART-WORK from my wee-house/studio in Trewellard, Cornwall... It started at TEA-TIME at precisely 4pm on Sunday 21st June 2009...and was over at 5.30pm... So that all that remained of the: paintings (some of which were only recently framed), collages/constructions, sketches/drawings, photos; is a bottle containing the ashes... Which I still have. The Gods of Fire took them graciously!

I have had a few Exhibitions in recent years (post The Raku) which consisted of mainly printed canvasses (due to the lack of stock of originls)...The first was in The St. Ives Arts Club and was entitled: GEOMETRISM (Oct.2010)... there were just a few "Originals" in this expo and I asked a few visitors if they could tell me which were the originals & which were prints and they could not! So what is the True Difference Aesthetically? Really there is none... In fact the Printed Canvasses were all bigger than the "originals", in pristine condition and I think BETTER!

Then in the Spring of 2012 I had an Exhibition at: Mounts Bay Contemporary Gallery in Penzance and entitled: RESURRECTION and 3 months before the Opening my Mother died and 3 months after the Closing I nearly died... Who would believe it?

Any how I recovered and in the Autumn of that year I moved to that Great Artist's Colony of HARTLEPOOL where I bought a house very cheaply and I am "WORKING ON IT". In the Spring of 2013 I had an Exhibition in Hartlepool's Central Library entitled: GEOMETRISM GOES NORTH. Again the expo consisted of mainly printed canvasses.

To date all Signed Printed Canvasses by me are "one offs" and are no less UNIQUE than a Andy Warhol Screen Print that are always described as paintings.

The printed canvasses that I have submitted will be signed by me and will never be repeated by me. They will be UNIQUE!

I think I better stop now or you will throw me out with the garbage.

PS: HERE is a link to my comments in the only Liberal News Paper (as apposed to comics) in the Country.


Everything is MAYA! That is Everything is an Illusion!

We all know a painter can make anybody appear younger or more beautiful or how any person can appear supremely intelligent/informed with a well drafted script and now with computers/internet non existant personas can do all sorts of very intricate jobs... the illusion game is rife. And we all know that adage "power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely".

So what is My Gripe? It is this: When ever i do a google search on any subject i have to sift through tons of irrelevant crapola to find what i am looking for! Which is true of most search engines... they are not intelligent! The algorithems they use do not differentiate stuff of academic importance & total gibberish...for example i am a geometric artist and when doing research on the internet say on geometric art/design i am inundated with stuff that makes me want to scream! How can a dog be classed as geometric art? Some might defend the Mighty Search Engine and say "the dog is symmetrical about a vertical axis, it has 2 eyes & 4 legs which is divisible by 2, blah, blah, blah, it is geometric through & through!" That is it Company loyalty... my employer (THE BIG COMPANY) can do no wrong (remember Madof).
Now here is something of great interest: The results of google searches at mid day Wed. 25th Sep. 2013...

geometric art... 41,900,000 entries
great geometric art... 46,800,000
geometric art & design... 14,300,000
great geometric art & design... 4,630,000
crap geometric art... 21,600,000

Can you spot the Anomalies...there appears to be more "great geometric art" than just plain "geometric art" on planet earth...

Now in the last search for "Crap Geometric Art" my web-site was ranked at No. 2 which is an achievement of may not win a contest but will be remembered for comming last especially if there are millions of entrants! The site contains a lot of geometric art going back more than 30 yrs by yours truly and there are many math/geometric fact there is the equivalent of 3 "books" of info on the site which i am constantly adding to!

So it is the numbers game... google is the largest search engine with millions of hits and the largest number search entries but it may not be the most discerning search engine...GOOGLE is not alone all the large internet companies are at it: "boosting the numbers regardless" ...face book, wikipedia, amazon, saatchi online etc. and some are even using criminal means to boost their numbers! Honesty has gone out of the "window" tis sad to say!

We are all trying to promote our interests but how we do it is the issue! We must be ethical in all our endeavors. Now talking about interests I have an acc with Pinterest & promoting GEOMETRISM on their site which i hope is going to be of academic interest for people doing research in GEOMETRIC ART & takes a real person who loves their work to sift through a mountain of rubbish out there on the Internet and provide a resource for serious research unlike that is the most highly ranked art web-site on which everything is for sale which is its strength and may peruse/purchase hundreds of thousands of different images but very few are of the standard expected by True Academics... a "geometric art" search places F.A.A. top of page one and the same inferior stuff keeps appearing on the top of the list... one wonders by what mechanism this is so! The Philistine like MIDAS sees just profit and real art escapes their attention but for those more discerning and doing research on Geometrism need go no futher than:

Here's looking at Eu-clid, pete mcclure.



A wide range of McClure's Fine Art can now be viewed/purchased from anywhere in the world just click on any image from this slide show...
it's pure magic.

Click on the image to access the slideshow

venus 1984


I left that Artist Colony that straddles that piece of land (Penwith) between St. Ives, Lands End & Penzance were i lived for nearly 30 yrs and moved to that lesser known artist colony of Hartlepool famous for its Heart, its Art & its Pool (hence its name)...this i did in the Autumn of last year.

I did a large body of work while living in that Cornish enclave and most of my art-work would come under the heading of GEOMETRISM...see the enclosed document "GEOMETRISM UNRAVELLED". I am now living in the heart of Hartlepool were the local art is somewhat ignored by the Art Moguls down south. The area has a strong Engineering background and Art was something you did at week-ends but there is plenty of it around and none of the artists around here aspire to win The Turner Prize or get rich for their efforts...they do it from the Heart for Love! And the Pool: Hartlepool has the only non-tidal Marina in the UK which is a bit of an Engineering was a part of what was the third largest harbour in the UK during the height of the Industrial Revolution serving vast areas in the North East. The locals have a rich Heritage & a lot to be proud of.

Then there is "The Monkey" that was hung for being a French Spy during the Napoleonic you Russian Oligarchs "do not come here to invest your money"..."They might make a monkey out of you".

Back to Art, Life & Every-thing...I shall be having an Exhibition...Art in The Heart near the "Le' Pool"...details below...




geometricism goes north



...22 Apr-3 May... 10-6 Mon-Fri & 10-2 Sat

Download printable poster here



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cloud nine no.6

This is one of a series images entitled CLOUD-NINE and is a montage of photos taken on my travels...they will soon be available globally and a large printed canvass will cost about £100 including you won't have to mortgage your house to acquire a quality piece of begs the question why do people pay millions for a "Warhol Print" which are always described as  "Paintings" by the would appear there are a few "Morons  with Money" that will believe any cunning sales pitch...maybe they made easy money (easy come . . . easy go) from Madoff's can just see the head lines:   EASY-MONEY BUYS CRAP ART.


The latest poem from Penzance . . . 13th DEC. 2010 . . .

Arthur...where Art Thou?

They fight & they strive
But never arrive;
Those Elysium fields
Are shrouded by shields.

They are just a dream
Never to be seen:
They try...but in vain
Again and again.

The be fraught
And rewards are nought;
Yet these Mortals came
Free and with-out shame.

Renouncing delights
And comforts . . . these Knights;
Of the Golden Dawn
To the Miasma drawn.

Divinely driven
And by time riven;
Their only defence
Is their innocence.

Reborn they shall go
To the Mighty foe;
Stronger than before
And forever . . . sure.

From the Round Table
All Knights are able;
These men are . . . as one
And follow the Sun.

Their hearts filled with love
From God up above;
They salute their Host
That’s King Arthur’s Ghost.


Mathematical/Geometric Anecdotes...
29th Oct.2010

Martin Gardener (who sadly died recently) said:
"Searching the Cosmos...simple geometric patterns are found in profusion...that move rhythmically to laws that often can be expressed by equations of surprising simplicity!"

Friedrich Gauss said:
"Mathematics is the Queen of Science and number theory is the Queen of Mathematics..."

Clifford A. Pickover (author of Zen & Magic Squares) said:
"I have found that while studying & doing research on Magic Squares on my computer...often a flicker of happiness, or dare I say Transcendence or wonder that seems to bring a Magic Square to Life!"

Benjamin Woodword (Victorian Architect) said:
“Isaac Newton gathering pebbles on the shores of the Ocean of Truth” should be the subject of a Mural to decorate Oxford University’s Museum...which brings us to Alchemy and The Holy Grail and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood who identified with King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table and were very inspired by the writings of Lord Alfred Tennyson who was referred to as “The Immortal” by them.

William Blake said:
Arthur’s last battle was the time when: “The Sun of Britain Set...but shall rise again with tenfold splendour when Arthur shall wake from sleep and resume his Dominion over Earth & Ocean”....


What has has the Holy Grail and the Pre-Raphaelites got to do with Geometrism?

The great innovator/scientist/mathematician Sir Isaac Newton was an Alchemist...and alchemy is not a Midas quest for quick riches...on the contrary it is a quest for True Knowledge that involves the transmutation of the self...not serving the interests of thy-self but of humanity and of life in general and by being humble the Truth makes itself manifest...this Truth is a glimpse of the fundamental Laws of the Universe that enable one so endowed to perform magic which is lost as soon one strays from the path of Reason...the Knights of the Round Table were in search of the Holy Grail...the word grail comes from the word “gruel” or simple basic food e.g. porridge...

with true humility reality emerges...K.I.S.S. or keep it simple stupid should be the Mantra... complications are invented so that a few can make loads of dosh at the expense of the many!

Logic goes out of the window and we end up living with this fuzzy logic understood by only those “in the know” my friends The Knights of old (including the Pre-Raphaelites who strongly identified with them) and The Knights of today are fighting for Justice for All knowing that...

                      When surrounded by
                      Their fiercest enemies...
                      God did a lane provide

William Morris who with Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Holman Hunt & John Everett Millais founded the P.R.B. was inspired by Love to write the following:

                       A Maiden has to me given
                       Such hope...i know not fear;
                       And yearn to breath the air of Heaven
                       That often meets me here.

And here we have the poem: “The Lady of Shalott” written by Tennyson in 1832...the lady was smitten at the sight of Sir Lancelot...

                        She left the web...she left the loom
                        She made three paces through the room.
                        She saw the Water-Lilly bloom
                        She saw the Helmet and the Plume...
                        And there looked down to Camelot.

                        Out flew the web and floated wide
                        The mirror cracked from side to side...
                        The curse is come upon me...she cried...
                        The Lady of Shalott.

God is Love but is sometimes blind...



THE GEOMETRISM EXPO in St. Ives, Cornwall has was a great success with much feed-back and rapport from the visitors (especially the children) sales were reasonable...if not brisk...but do not panic the Expo still continues and purchases can be made on the is my intention to sell or gift (to various worthy institutions) all the works from the Expo within a year as i don’t like to keep a lot of stock...MY BEST WORK HAS YET TO COME!

Video clip of the St Ives Expo

Watch this space for the latest news regarding the most important movement since’s subliminal, sustainable, serious, seminal...and knocks the spots off all that “Brit Art” crappola...have a nice day!

GEOMETRISM A recent exhibition by Peter Hugo Mcclure

geometricism expo

The only Universal Language (even understood by Extraterrestrials) is Mathematics/Geometry...the Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Fractals, Matrices, Proportion/Harmonics, Tessellations, Prime Numbers, Permutations/Combinations, Puzzles, Interlocking Grids, Mazes, Magic Squares/Cubes et-al create order and harmony and are the building blocks for all things on this planet and else-where...look at DNA, snowflakes, crystals, atomic structure...the whole of nature evolves with mathematical precision ...even the Platonic Solids are abundant in nature (observed even by the Neanderthals).

This October Exhibition at the St Ives Arts Club is a glimpse of the beauty to be found in Sacred Geometry & Maths with work done in the past 25+ years.

Since my: My Raku on last summer’s Solstice my stock of Artwork has become some-what in addition to “original” works of art in this Expo there will be printed (just for this exhibition) canvas facsimiles of works that no longer exist or that are longer in my possession...and i must say that some of them are better than the originals and have become the “New Originals”...they have effectively been Resurrected. I regard most of my work as prototypes/templates that can be replicated & are part of a Continuum...a Living Karma of Cause & Effect.

This is Mandala Man Mcclure signing out...Here’s looking at Eu-clid.
Here is an article on Geometrism

Plus this is one of my most recent paintings that together with another 30+ images will be appearing at the Expo:

geometricism expo 4

KNIGHT’S TALISMAN 2010...Acrylic on Board (24x24 inches)

More of my work can be seen here and also:

To download a PDF version of this press release click here

December 21, 2009

ARTICLE: "From Fauvism to Cubism, to Constructivism
and finally to GEOMETRISM (Geometric Art & Design)"

Inspired by the painting "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" by Picassso Georges Braque broke away from the Fauvists in October 1907... The painting of unimaginal barbarity, utterly foreign to Western Art (ancient or modern)...these women with their shrunken expressions & outlandish breasts which seem to have been hewn-out with an ax.

Unbearable! Cutting short of an explanation that might of been advanced by the Creator...Braque exclained: "Listen Pablo!
It is as though we were supposed to exchange our usual diet for one of Wicks & Kerosene!" This comment was probably an allusion to the fire-eaters who performed in the Paris streets & squares and was destined to be inscribed in the annals of Art History.

But Braque was no less shaken in is own artistic activity. In 1908 he exhibited "Houses at L'Estaque" & other works (refused by the Salon d'Autmne) at the Kanweiller Gallery which inspired the critic Louis Vauxcelles (the nominal father of Fauvism) to make the following remark: "Mr. Braque is a very daring young man...Picasso's and Derain's example have toughened him up. He reduces Everything...places, figures and houses into Geometric fact into Cubes"

A page had been turned in the artist's life. Cubism became the adventure of two men until the outbreak of the First World War.

When Braque died on August 31 1963 having left a vast quantity of work to posterity he was given the honours of a National Funeral. Andre Malraux (the Minister of Culture at the time) em-phatically proclaimed: "He is as much at home in the Louvre as the Angel is on the Cathedral of Rheims", a belated (if official) gesture to express an acceptance of 20th-Century Art.

As Revolutionary as it was Cubism was dwarfed by the most Revolutionary movement in the history of art: The Constructivists emanating from Russia with Malevich, Listsky, Tatlin and many others that were not just artists but designers,engineers & architects

We are now in the 21st Century and the future is very challenging in which Geometric Art & Design surely must play a pivotal role...GEOMETRISM has come of age!




Document received: 2/12/09
Author: Unknown
Source: The Akashic Records
Subject: "Geometric Art...Life & Every-Thing"


He sees an enigma in the depths...It is the Incarnation:

That circle which as radiance reflected
Appeared to be conceived within Thyself,
When for some little by mine eyes inspected
Within itself...with colour of its own,
Was painted with our it seemed
Wherefore i gave mine eyes to it alone.

As the Geometer who fain would tax
His wits to Square The Circle and finds not,
By taking thought...the principal he lacks
Such at that wondrous sight was I...for trace,
I would how the Circle was conformed
The Image and how there it found a place.

But wings had not been mine for the High Aim...

Suddenly knowledge seizes him. The insight though incommunicable is granted:

Save that my mind was smitten suddenly
As by a lightening-flash...and its will came.

Where-upon the Vision closes...but Dante like Galahad is irrevocably committed by what he has seen.

Whether it is worth seeking clues in Dante's sympathy for the Templers...or in William of Malmesbury's"arcanum" are a question beyound our present scope.

Dante's Vision introduces the final problem...his own orthodoxy is incontestable. Are we dealing then with a heresy or are we dealing with a devotional practice as purely Catholic as the Rosary but one that went astray through secretiveness and church politics and an unwise alliance with Magic?

The vague atmospheric thing which I have called Gastonbury Christianity cannot be defined. It's been Catholic or Schismatic or Protestant in an off-centre way according to the mode of the moment.The cult behind "The Grail" is far more seems to have puzzled contemporaries. There was no acclesiastical recognition yet there was no acclesiastical condemnation. The chronicler Helinandus ( a gentleman by birth) ordained rather late in his life is the only clerical author who even mentions the Grail.
He simply transmits without positive comment...the story told to him in his youth as a fashionable Lay-Man

N.B. This document is unedited



From "Suzi Camille Rae Ubber" the former P.A. of Herbert Von Stickler.

Dear Mr Hugo

I felt I should take the opportunity and provide you with some illumination regarding the dubious character of Herbert Von Stickler. I will come straight to the point:

He works for an organisation, which is often viewed in the light of urban myth but undoubtedly exists; and I have worked and interacted with part of this group known as the Illuminati! You may have heard of this elite group consisting of bankers and other wealthy and socially well connected persons? However he is in the order of the Skull and Bones. He was inveigled into this belief system by a close American friend of his whom was educated at Yale university; and whom also came from a well known wealthy family known as the Gambles.

Please brace yourself for what I am about to reveal, and bear with me. Von Stickler has been a devoted member of this group since his 20’s This group of people indulge in a belief system which most of us would describe as satanic and prefer not to think of. Indeed if the truth be known many of our missing children have been taken and or provided by traffickers for sums of money to this group to be used for their own entertainment. The children are used as human sacrifice and are experimented on in diabolical ways. Most of us who are sane would be too horrified to even contemplate hurting children in this or any other way, but these people we are dealing with here are inhumane and corrupt to the core.

I have observed many unusual activities, and I have slowly pieced together information; which will incriminate Von Stickler and all his connections and bring to light their illegal activities which include fraud, blackmail and other crimes. Therefore I have chosen to leave this information in many safe and trusted hands.

It is with regard to what I have come to know, that I implore you not to do any kind of business with this person, as he is primarily concerned with the state of your soul not just the outcome of your business venture.

You are a good man and nothing pleases these dark forces more than to corrupt the innocence in our souls and rape the so[ocean] u l of its divinely given light!

Please give this letter and my importuning for you to turn away from any involvement with Vons Stickler your strongest consideration.

I have documents and photographs that will leave you in no doubt as to Stickler’s darker activities

God bless and my angels guard you.

This letter was posted by: S.C.R.UBBER...21/10/2009

Geometric Art - an apology

G.N.N. Ref:xbr/3968 Thursday October 8 2009

Open letter of apology to Peter Hugo Mcclure Esquire for the negative review of his Cyber-Exhibition & Geometric Art in general.

Herbert Von Stickler (I.D.N.Q.)
Chairman of G.N.N.
Head Office/ Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
Peter Hugo Mcclure
Trewellard, Cornwall, U.K.

Dear Mr. Mcclure,

I am writing to you in respect of the "Blogman Review". In retrospect it must be said that our Mr. Blogman is not the most cultured person on the planet but he does have a sense of humour and in these trying times it's nice to have a bit of levity (& in this instance at your expense)...

we at GNN have to sell "News Papers" & Geometric Art, academic though it be, is of minority interest; what sells is kitsch, erotica, wars, disasters, celebrities, & sport; people are like sheep & the truly discerning are thin on the ground...much is written about nothing at all; hype & illusion is used to sell products (especially art) that have no innate value.

Life is a lottery & sometimes people with real talent "make it" i.e. get recognition if not before they die then posthumously but many very worthy souls never ever do! Maybe we as a species have to evolve a lot more to be able to perceive truly unique work & Geometric Art in particular before it can take its place in the Pantheon of Historically Great Art.

Now back to "Zen & the Art of Selling News"...By the gathering of intelligence & its expedient use, by dele-gating to highly trained & loyal staff and allowing them to maximize their full potential/imagination, by giving them full respect & recognising that "the boss" does not have exclusivity on good ideas...that is how we operate here at GNN & "I-Don't-Need-Qualifications"... We also have our "ways & means" of getting information, we therefor know a lot about you Mr. Mcclure and believe it or not I respect your artistic integrity & your frugal life-style.

So we come to business...i have enclosed a money order for $20,000 for the purchase of one of your recent paintings to be selected by you; also our company will purchase one of your Geometric Paintings on an annual basis (say every December) created in that year, to be selected by you and priced at your discretion...

Do we have a Deal? We are very keen to decorate our head office with your work.

I know one cannot put a value on "Real Art" & I do hope you will not be offended by the offer of money for your work; I know your best work has yet to come...all i am offering is some peace of mind and a little security.

"The mind is not an empty vessel but a fire that needs stoking" said Plutarch.

Mr. Mcclure the fire in you is burning bright & may it continue-for years to come...


Geometric Art is nature's template & transmutes matter

Geometric Art is above politics & enhances intelligent design

Geometric Art is constantly evolving & inspires lateral thinking

Geometric Art
is the Universal Language & brings order to chaos

Geometric Art
is the Alchemist's dream & stills the troubled mind

So you see Mr. Mcclure we here at GNN have an open mind & like to stimulate debate.

Respectfully yours,


Herbert Von Stickler (I.D.N.Q.)
Knight of the Golden Dawn


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Segmentation/08 (painting) Celtic Cross/06 (seriograph) Constructivist Rebound/09 (painting) Hexiamonds/08 (painting)
Geometric Art Geometric Art Geometric Art Geometric Art

Mcclure's Matrix/07 (digitally modified painting) Puzzle No.2/88 (painting) Walking Line/95 (pastel)
Geometric Art Geometric Art Geometric Art


"What is Raku?" - discover how exciting pottery can be.

Geometric Art/the Movie:

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